Mobile App to Track to RTC and City Buses

APSRTC is creating many passenger friendly initiatives to attract the public. As a part of this, all the bus stands over the state are modernized and many amenities are placed in the bus stands. Now, it has come with an innovative mobile app, which would help passengers to track the bus. The app name is "Live Tracker APSRTC City Bus". You can download form Google Play Store from here Not only app, but one can also send an SMS to know where the bus is, and by what time it wil reach the location you are. Here is how it works Mobile App:
Once the app is downloaded, there would be many features [ ... ]

Current Date and Time in Vijayawada | Guntur

తేది: 15-03-2016, మంగళవారం శ్రీ మన్మథ నామ సం॥రం॥ ఉత్తరాయణం; శిశిర రుతువు; ఫాల్గుణ మాసం; శుక్ల పక్షం
సూర్యోదయం: ఉ.6-13; సూర్యాస్తమయం: సా.6-06
సప్తమి: సా. 4-34 తదుపరి అష్టమి
రోహిణి నక్షత్రం: మ. 1-29 తదుపరి మృగశిర
రాహుకాలం: మ. 3-00 నుంచి 4-30 వరకు
అమృత ఘడియల [ ... ]

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