Vijayawada, also called as Vidyalawada (Place of Education)

Summary: Besides her entertainment and tourism aspects, Vijayawada holds the pride of being the best city for education as well. When it comes to educational sector, Vijayawada was initially in the receiving end. Just because the city was not chosen as the educational destination during British Rule, the city was continued to be overlooked by student and parent community even after the Indian independence. In the late 19th and early 20th century, the nearby cities Machilipatnam and Guntur were chosen as the educational city. Andhra University: Andhra University, which was earlier function [ ... ]

Maruthi Talkies – The First Theatre in Andhra Pradesh

Summary: Vijayawada holds the pride of being the first city to host movie halls in the state. Let us explore some details here: It happened way back in the year 1921, when Pothina Brothers built the first theatre not just in the city, but also the entire state called as Maruthi Talkies. This theatre was screening movies right from period when movies were taken as silent films. The only theatre: ‘Maruthi talkies’ was the only movie hall that met the requirements of film enthusiasts in the early 1920s until the development of new halls in the Two Town area of the city in the lat [ ... ]

Cinema Theaters History in Vijayawada

Summary: In India, like in many countries of the world, people have great attraction towards cinemas and this is no exception to the city of Vijayawada as well. Even though, it looks like the development of television channels has brought down the craze for movies among people, the fact is that digital tech revives some interest among audience. When it comes to Vijayawada, there has never been any shortage of audience for movies. The cinema niche has seen a great development in the Telugu industry right from the period when silent movies were introduced. Reason for flourishing movie busine [ ... ]

Modern Cafe – Not Just the Place to Eat and Stay

Summary: For those looking for an affordable stay at the busy place in Vijayawada, the Modern Cafe can be the ideal spot to choose. Besant Road is popular in Vijayawada as the place for shopping. Besides quenching the thirst of shoppers, this road also has eateries to quench the hunger of shoppers. This road has a popular eatery called as Modern Cafe. Not just a vegetarian restaurant, it is a place for lodging as well. Locals gather: Besides offering mouth-watering dishes, this hotel is also turning out to be the place to gather in the evenings for politically interested locals. They gath [ ... ]

Jewellery Stores in Vijayawada Adds Glitter

Summary: Bandar Road has a range of branded jewellery stores with different models of ornaments to enthrall their customers. The part of the new capital region of the state of Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada is adorned by a line of Jewellery stores, thereby offering a unique luster to the city. Shopping enthusiasts and many women from the city state that the chain of jewellery stores in Bandar Road has changed the face of their home city. This road was previously a hub of small traders and many vendors, but now it has turned to be a bustling business centre. Not just existing jewellers, but many [ ... ]

Malls in Vijayawada Give a Metro Touch to the City

Summary: The City space in Vijayawada gets a new look with new malls and multiplexes to provide the best shopping, dining and movie watching experience to people. The city of Vijayawada has many attractions and malls are no exceptions to this trend. Recently, new malls were opened and even fresh malls are under construction in this city to provide the best movie-watching, dining and shopping experience to the locals and also to the tourists thronging this city all-round the year. PVP inaugurated: Recently, the PVP Square Mall was inaugurated by the great Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, [ ... ]

Vijayawada as a Shopping Hub and Eatery

Summary: You know Vijayawada as a tourist destination and as the place for pilgrims. But, do you know that place. The city of Vijayawada has many attractions and many retail giants have added more flavour to the already scented city. The city has now turned out to be the biggest shopping hub in the entire south coastal Andhra. This has become possible because of the many new high-end textile showrooms and malls, besides consumer goods companies have recently bombarded this city with huge publicity. The great thing about the retail outlets in this city is that they have brought with them a w [ ... ]

Benz Circle – The Traffic Circle To Be Aware Of

Summary: When you visit Vijayawada, you are sure to cross by the Benz Circle and let us gather some details about this traffic circle. Benz Circle is one of the busiest chowks in the city of Vijayawada. As this place acts as the intersection between NH5 and NH9, you are sure to see this place, when you travel around Vijayawada during your vacation by road. It is one of the prominent landmarks in the city and it is located in the Bandar Road. History: Earlier, a branch of Benz Company was functioning in this place. Even though, this company is not present there, people refer this place wit [ ... ]

Babai Hotel – The Soft And Tasty Idlies Are Highly Popular

Summary: When you are intending to take your food in a historical hotel in Vijayawada, make it a point to visit Babai Hotel. Babai Hotel is actually a landmark of Vijayawada known for their mouth-watering dishes and octogenarian customers. Yes, this hotel has a longer existence. The hotel has been around from around 1950s. When walking down the memory lane one of the regular customers, who is at his 80s reminds that the hotel was serving around just a dozen of customers at a time with its little space. The owner of the hotel Mr.Patruni Samba Murthy was addressing each of his customers as B [ ... ]

Besant Road, Vijayawada – A Place to Meet Your Shopping Needs

Summary: If you are planning for a shopping trip when staying at Vijayawada, the place to head to is Besant Road. Besant Road is stated to be the busiest road in Vijayawada as it is the trade center that always bustles with activities and trade. Even though, the road is the trade center for long, it has recently turned into a pivot of commercial shift. Modern eateries: Some of the modern restaurants of the city are located in Besant Road. So, foodies in the city and even those who are well-aware of the culture of Vijayawada make a point to visit this place to pamper themselves with some o [ ... ]

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