Illuminated Kanakadurga Temple for Sakambari Utsavalu

Illuminated Kanakadurga Temple in Vijayawada for Sakambari Utsavalu. Also we can see the pushkar ghats in Himax lights, where the works are going on 24/7

Test Page for Adsense Proof

Test Page for Adsense Proof

Vintage Photos - Vijayawada in 1920's

A vintage photograph from Canal Road, Vijayawada from 1920. We can also see Kanaka Durgamma Temple in the background

A Cruise Along the Krishna River, Vijayawada

A Cruise moving along the tranquil waters of Krishna River, Vijayawada. Also we can observe the favorite tourist spot Bhavani Island, in the background

Bishop Azariah School Vijayawada – Part of Bishop Azariah Institutions

In the leadership of Late Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Vedanayakam Azariah, the first Anglican Bishop in India, established a school towards improvement of girls. Before the introduction of a school for Vijayawada girls, parents interested in joining their girl kid to a school for girls had to send their daughter either to Chennai or to Hyderabad. To meet the requirement of parents, the idea of establishing a school for girls with girls hostels in Vijayawada was sown in the year 1929. About the school: Before its present name as Bishop Azariah School Vijayawada, the school was having a different nam [ ... ]

BDPS Vijayawada - For Your Computer Education Needs

When talking about computer institutes in Vijayawada, most students immediately get BDPS into mind. Even though, this institute is known for its computer education, they call themselves as multi skill training institute. The reason is the besides computer courses, this institute offers courses under different categories like fashion designing and hotel & hospitality as well. About BDPS: BDPS Vijayawada was established with the objective of providing quality multi skill in information technology and vocational education. This institute strives constantly towards victory of their trainees  [ ... ]

Understanding The importance of Vijayawada

As Vijayvada, recently came under the capital region, many people from different parts of the state of AP are showing interest towards settling in this city. The reason for this shift is that the state government has many plans to develop this already developed city and also when more and more people get to the city, the facilities will automatically improve. If you are planning to make a move to this city, it is better to understand the importance of Vijayawada: Location-wise importance: Located on the banks of the eminent Krishna River on the Krishna District, this city is located at a dis [ ... ]

Security Services in Vijayawada To Ensure Complete Protection

We generally, make some security arrangement in our homes, when all of us are working or all of us will have to be away from home during daytime. But, during some instances, situation demands that we will have to be away from home for many nights together and in this case for homeowners in Vijaywada, the best security services in Vijayawada will be of great help. During inter-city trips: In some cases, particularly during summer vacation, we plan for some outing along with our kids, just because they demand for the same. Sometimes, owners in city will have to lock their homes for a trip [ ... ]

Plan Your Visit To The Holy Bhadrachalam Temple From Vijayawada

Sree Seetha Ramachandra Swamy Shrine at Bhadrachalam is highly popular all around India and you might have previously heard about this temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Rama and it is located on the left bank of the eminent Godavari River. The temple has unique historical background and this is one of the important reasons why it attracts people from different parts of the country. When you visit Vijayawada, you can plan your visit to Bhadrachalam to get the blessings of Lord Rama. How to visit Bhadrachalam from Vijayawada? You can choose Vijayawada to Bhadrachalam bus route and many  [ ... ]

DPS Play School - For The Right Foundation

Delhi Public School is one of the popular schools in India and DPS in Delhi in particular is highly popular. This is why parents in Vijayawada show great interest towards getting admission to DPS Vijayawada. DPS Play School is actually a unit of this nationwide popular school. About the play school: Nowadays, just because both parents are employed, most parents want to join their little ones to school as early as possible. This is why the concept of play school is gaining more and more popularity in India. DPS play schools is India’s fastest growing certified chain of hi-tech internati [ ... ]

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