manchu manoj 02042016

Manchu Manoj,the second generation hero and hire of Manchu Mohan Babu has now turned a real hero in real life.Being a hero and stunt master Manoj performed many risky shots on screen but the star now revealed his second angle behind the screen proving him as a human. In a private interview Manoj revealed that they used to settle rape and other cases in which women were unjustified by law. He even gave an example of his past life, the way he settled and taught a lesson to a famous personality, when he brutally raped and harashed a girl. How ever the hero managed not to tell the names of hotel and persons. He gave  a brief explanation of how he and his friends used to react to such incidents. Here is the vedio in which Manoj explained the incident in detail



Manchu Manoj, A Real Hero Last Updated: 02 April 2016