saradar poitical punches

Power star Pawan Kalyan, who is busy in bringing up his upcoming movie Sardar Gabbar Singh is making his fans go mad with his dialogues. We have already seen the trailer of Pawan Kalyan’s awesome dialogue in the trailer that is released previously. In the first trailer keypoints of the story was revealed in an unexpected manner saying how Sardar shows his mannerism but the trailer didn’t showcase any political dialogues except a punch dialogue.

And now for the fans of Pawan Kalyan came here a political dialogue from the movie. “Ninna monna naaku anavasaram. Nenu vachaaka rule maaraali…ruling maaraali”.Which indirectly reflects on Pawan’s political career as he entered politics and even made the change in position of ruling parties by bringing CBN to the chair of CM.

Director Bobby says that he showed the story in the trailer because people are thinking that SGS is the same story as Gabbar Singh and but to say Pawan fans get a clarity to understand that it is a different story, not a continuation of the prequel, hence revealing the story in the trailer said the director.

The movie is going to hit screens on this April 8th in a huge manner


Political Punches in Sardar Movie Last Updated: 03 April 2016