Guntur Railway Station Entrance

Summary: Some people have great attraction towards trains and if you are one such individual, it is better to get to know some details about Guntur Railway Station.

Guntur Junction is the important railway station that connects different cities in the state located in the city of Guntur and it belongs to the Guntur Railway division. Of course, as the name implies it is standing prestigiously in the Guntur District of the AP state. It is the divisional headquarters of the Guntur division and it is also the central station in the city. Of course, like many other railway stations in southern India, it belongs to the South Central Railway Zone of Indian Railways.

Terminals in the station:

There are east and west terminals each with their counters for booking train tickets. There is an interconnected subway system in the railway station through which all the 7 platforms in the station are connected to each other. It is the largest and busiest station in the Guntur division and it is making yearly revenue of more than 1.5 million US Dollars.

Replica of old Enginer at Guntur Railway Station

History of the station:

The first rail lines in the Guntur railway station was the meter gauge line. This was done in the year 1916 between the Guntur-Repalle sections. Later, same type of line was laid between the Guntur and Hubli/Goa. The meter gauge was then converted in the broad gauge railway line and this was done between Guntur and Vijayawada railway stations towards Howrah and this was done after the construction the Prakasam Barrage in Vijayawada on the eminent Krishna River. By the end of the 20th century, this railway station had more varied railway lines for enabling trains to pass through the railway station, which is called as Guntur Junction.

Divisional headquarters:

Under the Indian Railways, more than 60 railway divisions are functioning and Guntur Railway Division is one among them. This division comprises of railway lines running across 4 districts of the state of AP. It has a few important and many small and medium stations across the region. The head office of the division is functioning from the Pattabhipuram area of the city of Guntur.

Nearby railway stations:

The other railway stations located close to the city terminal include:

  • Nallapadu
  • Nambur
  • Pedakurapadu
  • Tenali

There are other stations in rural area of the district and these stations are used by daily vendors for transporting milk and dairy products and they are Perecherla and Vejendla.

Guntur Railway Station Name Board

To ease the traffic of trains in Guntur Junction, another important transit point was constructed in the Guntur Division mainly for taking care of freight services and it is called as New Guntur, which is located near Reddi Palem.

According to the 2013-14 statistics, 26.8 million people are using the trains passing through the Guntur Railway Division. When this is the case of passengers, reports further add that 2.8 million tonnes of freight forwarding was done during the year 2013-14.

A model train that stands in the West Terminal of the Guntur Junction makes this station even more attractive, besides the best maintenance.


Information about Guntur Railway Station Last Updated: 06 December 2015