short film amaravati 19032016

Now time has come for youth to come forward and show their responsibility towards Amaravati, the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Till date no youth has dared to show their will and responsibility towards Amaravati. Instead the youth just attended in huge number for the foundation laying ceremony of Amaravati just to have a glance at PM of India and at their favorite leader NCBN.

Being unsatisfied with these and fed up with people commenting on construction of Amaravati, a team of responsible girls have come forward placing their views and screened them online in the form of a short film, which stood as tic for tat for people who comment on government saying that the construction may take more than 50years where government announced to finish it in less time.

Even though they made a tiny effort to bring up their concept it just broke out now and started to gain interest as the dialogues and clarifications given by them are interesting and are very nearer to facts that every youth thinks of Amaravati. Have a glance at the below video to enjoy and know about how youth can help in construction of Amaravati and the benefits of Amaravati


First Short Film on Amaravati Hits Youtube Last Updated: 19 March 2016