AMARAVATI: Telugu Desam Party MLC G. Deepak Reddy on Friday blamed Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy for 'cheating' the voters of Andhra Pradesh by turning away from scores of his promises, assurances and commitments made to people at the time of elections.

He asserted that CM Jagan Reddy has now become seen as a master of J-turns by virtue of his deliberate attempt to suppress the people if they are asking about the implementation of his election promises.

Addressing a virtual press conference here, Mr. Deepak Reddy said the CM went back on his great oath to bring Special Status by taming and subduing the Central Government with the threat of resignations of all 25 MPs of AP. After adorning the CM chair, Jagan Reddy literally forgot about his vow and not at all talking about the Special Status which he once advocated as the only panacea for all the problems and ills of the unjustly separated Andhra Pradesh state without a capital of its own.

The TDP leader listed out over 100 such commitments on which the CM has turned back, thereby leaving the people in a state of crisis and deepening troubles now. Because of Jagan Reddy's spectacular performance in breaking his own promises, another word called J-turn has entered the dictionary as a synonym for U-turn. In a very objectionable manner, the CM attended the inauguration of Kaleswaram irrigation project in Telangana which he described as a curse that would reduce AP into a desert when he was Opposition leader of the state.

Mr. Deepak Reddy recalled how the Sakshi media and Jagan Reddy family accused the Reliance Group of conspiring the death of YS Rajasekhara Reddy in the past. But now, CM Jagan totally forgot about that and gave a warm welcome to Reliance Chairman and even offered his party Rajya Sabha ticket to a Reliance top person. Perhaps, this was the biggest J-turn taken by Jagan Reddy in utter disregard to his own conscience and that of the people of the state.

Stating that people were being burdened with taxes and high prices, Mr. Deepak Reddy deplored that Jagan promised not to raise current charges but now the consumers were suffering heavily in view of the changed slabs and abnormal bills. RTC, petrol and other prices have also gone up. While in opposition in the past, Jagan Reddy supported an Assembly resolution for Amaravati Capital City but once he got into power, the YSR son started demolishing and shifting Capital City out of sheer political vendetta and personal greed.

AMARAVATI: TDP National President and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Friday gave a call to the people to agitate against the  Jaganmohan Reddy Government's 'wilful destruction' of the environment in the State in the last one year.

On the occasion of World Environment Day celebrations today, Mr. Naidu said the wanton felling of mangrove forests at Kakinanda and indiscriminate sand mining were examples of YCP rule's destructive activities. A large number of trees were destroyed in a radius of many kilometres around LG Polymers following the gas leak tragedy. Adequate steps were needed to revive and protect the greenery there now.

The TDP chief deplored that even now, victims were dying weeks after the poisonous gas leak at LG Polymers in Visakhapatnam. Instead of taking strong measures to prevent pollution of the environment, the YCP regime was encouraging destruction of the environment in the surroundings of populated areas.

Mr. Naidu recalled how the previous TDP Government implemented Neeru Chettu and urban forestry in a big way. Farm ponds were dug up all over to recharge the groundwater table. Forests were developed over 2,141 sq kms. 'Wealth from Waste' recycling plants were opened and LED bulbs were used in a big way. Thanks to such protective programmes, AP got national awards in environment protection programmes.

AMARAVATI: The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has expressed concern that Andhra Pradesh would be left devastated if a second wave of Coronavirus outbreak hits the State which was already suffering on account of the ruling YSR Congress Party excesses in a variety of corruption scams.

The Opposition party said if predictions on the second outbreak come true, the already ailing State economy would be the worst hit with its growth rate likely to slip into negative mode, touching -10 per cent. On the other hand, the Guntur market has become like a Koyambedu virus cluster threatening to spread infections to remote interior areas in coastal districts. The Government should place special focus on preventive measures at all the markets in the State considering the volatility of the situation.

The TDP has held a virtual politburo meeting presided by party National President and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. Senior leaders took part from both the Telugu States. They suggested AP Government to take advantage of the 'One Nation and One Agricultural Market' programme launched by the Modi Government at the Centre to enable farmers to sell their produce anywhere in the country. The Central Governemnt was now bringing amendments to the Electricity Act mainly because of the thoughtless review of Power Purchase Agreements by the Jagan Reddy Government in AP.

Stating that welfare took a backseat, the TDP senior leaders said YCP leaders were making tall claims though the cash transfer benefit was not given to two-thirds of the total 6 lakh drivers in the state. Even these one-third beneficiaries were being made to pay back in the form of penalties and fines. The DWCRA women members were deploring that they have received far less amounts towards interest waiver and it was very nominal compared to the promises made by the ruling party leaders.

The TDP decided to hold its online politburo meeting every month to discuss the burning issues confronting the people. Similar periodical meetings would be held with the party elected representatives, incharges, district level leaders and mandal leaders. District level political coordination committees will be set up soon to step up the party activities on people's issues.

The TDP leaders pointed out that the YCP Government's multiple scams in sand, water, cement and so on were getting exposed by the ruling party's MLAs and MPs themselves. The ruling party leaders themselves were calling Jagan Reddy a fraud, a bogus person and a bluff master. One YCP MLA said that not a single rupee worth development took place under Jagan rule so far, another legislator complained against vicious sale of water from a huge reservoir project. A YCP MP deplored that forcible collections were being taken for sanctions of free Government house sites to poor people. One ruling party MLA blamed the Government for sitting silent while sand lorries were getting disappeared between the sand reaches and the stock points.

Expressing concern over supply of liquor which is injurious to health, the TDP leaders said the rates of this harmful liquor were arbitrarily increased which was forcing the poor people to take spirit. It was unfortunate that 7 persons died after taking the surgical spirit. The poor people's lives were falling in danger because of the indifferent and atrocious policies of YCP rule. While National Green Tribunal has blamed human error for LG Polymers gas tragedy which left 14 persons killed, the Chief Minister and his ministers continued to support the company which was heinous and condemnable.

The TDP accused ruling YCP of launching attacks and filing false cases against 800 of their party activities in the State. Over eight TDP activists were murdered while seven others committed suicides. About 225 BC families, 42 minorities, 78 dalit, 11 ST and 228 OC families came under attacks and harassment by YCP in one year. Even now, mango trees were cut down at Brahmasamudram in Anantapur district.

AMARAVATI: TDP Politburo Member Varla Ramaiah on Friday strongly hit back at the ruling YCP criticism, saying that it was CM Jaganmohan Reddy who was the true 'betrayer of Dalits' in Andhra Pradesh politics but not Chandrababu Naidu.

The TDP senior leader said after coming to power, CM Jagan Reddy has totally ignored the promises made for Dalit welfare and greatly weakened their welfare corporations while the YCP weaker sections Ministers turned into silent spectators.

Addressing a press conference here, Mr. Ramaiah asserted that Chandrababu has actually ensure enough justice to the Dalit communities by spending over Rs. 40,257 Cr for their development programmes during the TDP regime. Both Jagan Reddy and his father YSR cheated weaker sections with their false promises and non-stop plunder of the wealth of Andhra Pradesh. If Jagan has respect for Dalits, he should not have even thought of shifting Amaravati Capital City.

Mr. Ramaiah pointed out that the previous TDP rule spent Rs. 11,128 Cr for SC Sub-plan works during 2018-`19 but Jagan Government has not spent a single rupee in the past one year of its mass destruction. While TDP acquired and distributed 3,000 acres under land purchase scheme to Dalit beneficiaries, the YCP Government took to a reverse path and forcibly took back 4,000 acres from poor families. Even the LIDCAP lands given by TDP rule were being taken back.

The TDP leader deplored that the Rs. 100-Cr Ambedkar Smriti Vanam project was shelved without minimum respect for the Dalit communities and voters. Amaravati Capital was located in between six SC assembly constituencies but Jagan Reddy did not bother to shift it out of political vendetta and personal greed.

Mr. Ramaiah recalled how nearly 150 Dalit families were thrown out of their villages by YCP miscreants. When Chandrababu Naidu planned to visit their villages to give moral support, the YCP Government misused the police force and locked the gate of Naidu residence in a very sadistic and undemocratic manner. In the last one year, YCP leaders continued their assaults and attacks on Dalits who included Dr Sudhakar who was suspended and harassed in a very humiliating manner. Ex MP Harsha Kumar was put in jail for 48 days while the Andhra University professor was harassed.

AMARAVATI: Former Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu on Thursday termed it as a great misfortune of the Andhra Pradesh people to have got an inexperienced Chief Minister like Jaganmohan Reddy who does not have basic understanding of how a state or country's economy works.

The TDP leader said while the previous TDP regime achieved 11.02 per cent double digit growth rate in 2018-19, the present Government reduced it to single digit 8 per cent in the last one year with its self-destructive and debilitating economic policies.

Addressing a press conference here, Mr. Ramakrishnudu said AP emerged as a favourite destination for national and international investments but the State's image took a severe beating since Jagan Reddy began his Tughlaq rule with demolitions, cancellations, atrocities and destructions. Highest priority was given to crippling of systems and institutions under YCP rule. Just like Tughlaq, Jagan Reddy has started shifting Capital City and ended up lapping up severe public backlash.

The Opposition Leader in Council said that the previous TDP rule achieved a per capita income of Rs. 93,000 to Rs. 1.64 lakh in 2018-19. In just five years between 2014 and 2019, AP witnessed rapid strides in development. All sections of people led happy lives during Chandrababu regime just like history remembers the golden age of the Guptas in Indian history. All sectors of the AP economy witnessed growth and prosperity.

Mr. Ramakrishnudu blamed the failed economic policies of Jagan Reddy for the 'increasing debt burdens' on AP people now. Just like Tughlaq, Jagan Reddy has also emptied the state treasury and ripped apart the economy beyond repair. Jagan Reddy regime brought Rs. 80.000 Cr loans in a year as against Rs. 24,000 Cr yearly average of TDP regime. AP used to be in 3rd place in its contributions to the country's GDP but now it has slipped to 9th place.

The TDP leader asked how the State could get income when the ruling YCP leaders were exploiting and plundering all the natural resources from sand to minerals. The police machinery was weakened and subjugated to protect the ruling party mafia. The orders and judgements of the courts were not being adhered to. The Government money was being distributed to the YCP activists by giving them volunteer posts. The YCP plans were to hijack elections by using its money and muscle power.

Mr. Ramakrishnudu deplored that even the poorer sections were facing lots of problems because Jagan Reddy was implementing his grandfather Raja Reddy Constitution but not Ambedkar's Constitution. The Dalit doctor Sudhakar was humiliated, ex MP Harsha Kumar was jailed, Andhra University Professor was harassed and so on.