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Who is the Best MP of Vijayawada ?

AmaravatiVoice is conducting an online opinion poll to know the pulse of Vijayawada People, Who is the Best MP of Vijayawada till now ?

Below is the brief description of the options given.

  1. Kesineni Nani is MP of Vijayawada from 2014 to Present from Telugu Desam Party
  2. Lagadapati Rajgopal worked as MP of Vijayawada from 2004-2014 from Congress Party
  3. Gadde Ramammohan worked as MP of Vijayawada from 1999-2004 from Telugu Desam Party
  4. Parvathaneni Upendra worked as MP of Vijayawada from 1996-1999 from Congress Party

Choose who is the best MP of Vijayawada and under who's leadership Vijayawada is progressing. The Poll will be closed on 23rd April and we would give the results of the Poll on April 24th.


Poll: Who is the Best MP of Vijayawada ? Last Updated: 17 April 2016

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0 #8 Satish 2016-09-09 02:21
Hard working MP.. For first time Vijayawada public got a good , Non-corrupted, Visionary Leader as Parliament Member.... 264 Villages making smart villages with association of Tata Trust, Durga Temple Flyover, 430 crores got sanctioned for storm water storage, and many more achievements,, Totally Transperent Leader as MP.....
0 #7 venkee 2016-04-19 09:16
Gadde Ramamohan
One of the Best Parliamentarian
0 #6 rama krish cherukuri 2016-04-18 07:08
definitely better than first two,upendra being a official he know how things our M.P,if he continues his good work longest innings from vza will be our M.P
0 #5 L G Giri Rao 2016-04-18 04:40
0 #4 imranshaik 2016-04-18 01:29
no one can replace our beloved Vijayawada Mp shri.Kesineni nani Anna, he is not at all a politician, He is Legend leader for poor People of Bezawada...
0 #3 sreenivas 2016-04-17 17:46
Nani MP is the best
0 #2 VAMSI KRISHNA P 2016-04-17 17:09
Hats off kesineni, from lot of years lagadapati failed to construct DURGA flyover saying it's not at all possible. Kesineni make it possible and reduced traffic a lot. It's a boom to Vijayawada people.
0 #1 sampat m k 2016-04-17 14:36
young and dynamic and understands the need of the hour and very good follow up action.keep it up!!!