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A Cruise moving along the tranquil waters of Krishna River, Vijayawada. Also we can observe the favorite tourist spot Bhavani Island, in the background

In the leadership of Late Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Vedanayakam Azariah, the first Anglican Bishop in India, established a school towards improvement of girls. Before the introduction of a school for Vijayawada girls, parents interested in joining their girl kid to a school for girls had to send their daughter either to Chennai or to Hyderabad. To meet the requirement of parents, the idea of establishing a school for girls with girls hostels in Vijayawada was sown in the year 1929.

About the school:

Before its present name as Bishop Azariah School Vijayawada, the school was having a different name and the name was changed after the demise of the founder, the great Bishop Azariah. Right from the inception, the school has been showing great records in the educational field among the schools in Vijayawada. Now, the school offers education to girls in Vijayawada right from elementary to high school. For its best educational standards, the school has won many awards. The school holds the pride of being the only school for girls in the city that showed a feasible increase in growth with respect to cultural, social, extracurricular and academic activities. Now, the institution also has the pride of providing education to the largest number of girl students in the city.

Deepening routes:

With the best records, the group of institutions also has a Bishop Azariah Junior College Vijayawada and also a degree college is functioning under this group of institutions. The college has affiliation both from Acharya Nagarjuna University and Krishna University. When it comes to Vijayawada college girls, most girls do their junior and degree courses from the Bishop Azariah College for girls.

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