As Vijayvada, recently came under the capital region, many people from different parts of the state of AP are showing interest towards settling in this city. The reason for this shift is that the state government has many plans to develop this already developed city and also when more and more people get to the city, the facilities will automatically improve. If you are planning to make a move to this city, it is better to understand the importance of Vijayawada:

Location-wise importance:

Located on the banks of the eminent Krishna River on the Krishna District, this city is located at a distance about 300 kms from the Hyderabad city. This city is turning out to be the major commercial hub with a population that has reached more than a million according to the 2011 census.

Educational importance:

Not just location wise, the city holds pride educational wise as well. Regardless of whether you are looking for high school, engineering or medical colleges for your children, you can confidently make your move to the city. The educational improvement of the city can be understood from the other name given to it called as Vidyalawada, which means place of education in Telugu language.

Infrastructure-wise importance:

When it comes to infrastructure-wise improvement, Vijayawada thermal power station is standing tall in this city. In addition, the city is the home for unique railway line that connects the southern and northern part of India. In addition, the residents can stay assured of undisturbed supply of water and the water requirement of people is met by the Prakasam Barrage. Prakasam barrage in Vijayawada also brings income to the city through tourists. When it comes to Vijayawada important places, Prakasam Barrage really gets the first position.

Besides these things, important places in Vijayawada for tourists are other aspects that you will have to understand before making your move to the city.


Understanding The importance of Vijayawada Last Updated: 29 May 2016

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