sunny leone 05042016

It is known that Nandamuri Balakrishna is about to start his 100th movie from this UGADI. The star is about to make an official announcement regarding the movie and about the cast and crew will be known says the sources. Till date the expected movie is heard to be directed and produced by Krishh and in which Hema Malini will be screened as Mother of Balayya. The movie will be moving around the story of gowthama buddha and movie is named as Gowthami Putra Saathakarna.

From a few days a news has been spread viral that famous Hollywood porn star who entered bollywood and even tollywood recently is about to screen next to you wanna know her character and details of her character then click the below video.



Sunny Leone Character in Balayya 100th Movie Revealed Last Updated: 05 April 2016