Kohinoor Diamond

Summary: Most of us relate the term ‘Kohinoor’ to diamond. You have rightly judged, we are going to analyse the connection between Kohinoor diamond and Guntur.

Kohinoor is nothing, but the world’s famous diamond and this diamond is known to have been mined from Guntur District from the place called Kollur. Now, the diamond is at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC at the United States of America.

About Kollur diamond mine:

The Kollur diamond mine, which is known to be the birthplace for the popular Kohinoor diamond is one of the most productive diamond mines all over the world. Kollur is a village located in the Guntur district at a distance of about four kms off the bank of Krishna River. It is also stated to be the first major diamond center. This mine is situated on the right bank of the eminent Krishna River. It was in operation between the 16th and middle of 19th century. When the production of diamond was at its highest level in this region, it was recorded that nearly 60,000 people were employed in the mine, which includes not just men and women, but also children of all age groups.

But, after some years, the Indian mines were depleted and the diamond center was moved to Brazil as a good amount was discovered in Brazil.

About Kohinoor diamond:

Kohinoor is a term that denotes ‘Mountain of light’ is a diamond that was obtained from the Kollur mine. When different invaders ruled this region, the diamond was brought under different rulers and now it is a part of the crown of the Queen Elizabeth.

Journey of Kohinoor Diamond

Recent claim by India:

India has recently claimed that the diamond was illegally taken from the nation and so it should be brought back. When Queen Elizabeth II came to India in the year 1997 to mark the 50th Indian independence event, many groups claimed that the diamond should be returned to India. However, until recently British has refused to return the diamond to India. Let us hope that we will get back the diamond mined at Guntur.


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