When it comes to schools in Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh, parents, who wish their kids not just to get education, but also to get overall development can choose Ramakrishna Mission School. This school is standing as a branch centre of Ramakrishna Mission Headquarters otherwise called as Belur Math or Ramakrishna Math.

About Ramakrishna Math:

This math otherwise called as Ramakrishna Matam and Ramakrishna Mission are called as twin organizations that form the core of the international spiritual movement called as Vedanta movement or Ramakrishna movement. This movement functions with the objective of harmony of religions, east and the west, ancient and the modern, spiritual growth, all-round development of human faculties and a wide range of other good cause.

Many of us know who established Ramakrishna Mission and of course, it is the great Swami Vivekananda to honour his guru. But, do you know about Ramakrishna School in Vijayawada? Let us gather some details about this school:

High School:

Ramakrishna Mission High School, which functions as a Telugu Medium school began its operations in the year 1965 and it was undertaken by the Ramakrishna Mission in the year 2001. The mission’s high school at Sitanagaram offers classes from class 6 to 10 in Telugu Medium, which is a government aided school. Free education is provided by the mission to all students. Free books, uniforms, scholarships and study materials are also provided to deserving students.

English Medium:

Sitanagaram in Vijayawada has also Ramakrishna Mission English medium school and it was established with the request of the local people in the year 2004. Classes are offered from LKG to Class 10.

So, parents looking for affordable schools in Vijayawada that will help with overall development of their kid can choose this school.


Ramakrishna Mission School Vijayawada - Some Details To Be Aware of Last Updated: 29 May 2016