Delicious mangoes and mouth-watering sweets are certain things that hit the minds of people when listening to the term ‘Vijayawada’. This city is otherwise popularly called as Bezawada is a place with many attractions for the tourists to plan their visit to. When you are intending to visit this city, it would be better to understand the Vijayawada weather, such that you can plan your trip accordingly and can enjoy visiting all the attractions.

If you are a local person, you can just go through the weather report in Vijayawada for the next few days and can plan your weekend trips accordingly. But, if you an individual planning to make your visit to the city from some other state, here are some details that will help:

Summer season in Vijayawada:

The summer season in this city begins in the month of March and will last until the month of May every year. When you see Vijayawada weather forecast during summer, you will find that the temperature all through this season ranges from minimum 20 to utmost 47. Throughout these months, there will be high level of humidity.

Monsoon season in Vijayawada:

If you wish to plan your visit during Monsoon season, this season starts in the month of June and will last until October. You can get the chance to see the greener side of the city, when you visit during this period. Of course, after reaching the city, just have a look at the weather in Vijayawada today before starting from your hotel.


Winter season is between December to February and temperature during this season will range from 10-30 degrees. This is stated to be the best time to visit the city and many tourists choose this season because of the pleasant weather.    

Irrespective of the season you visit, checking Vijayawada weather today on the day of your trip will help to plan things easily.


Vijayawada - Plan Your Trip At The Best Time Of The Year Last Updated: 29 May 2016

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