amaravathi design 02042016

The word Amaravati, itself was gaining name and fame day by day just like the temperature of this summer. Many plans were revealed till date for the construction of master city and now here came a new video which is designed by Vastu Shilpa Consultants explaining the reason and  Concept that was Designed  for Amaravati Government Complex , which is expected to finish soon and it is known that CM Chandra Babu Naidu has visited the construction area  few days back and reviewed  the works discussing with officials. The video looked more than good enough for a common man to understand the plan and reason for constructing the capital in such a huge manner. The capital looked greenery and if happens as mentioned it will be more than  enough for CBN to prove his word saying that Amaravati will be a world class capital. Here is the video for you. View it, understand it keenly and raise your hands to say that we are the top most.



Amaravvati Concept Video Last Updated: 02 April 2016