twitter turns 10

The social media site famous for hashtags and a 140-character "tweet" limit turned 10 years old. The world's first tweet, which was sent by co-founder Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006 at 12.50 , read "just setting up my twttr."

Here are the top 10 Things to Know on the 10th Anniversary of Twitter

  1. The first tweet of Jack Dorsey was retweeted 69K times and got 49K likes, It was originally called twittr
  2. 3.5 lakh tweets would be tweeted, for every one minute
  3. 50 Crore tweets would be tweeted, every day
  4. On August 3rd, 2013, in Japan while seeing a Movie in TV "Castle in the Sky", a record of 1,43,199 tweets have been done per second.
  5. The first tweet from the space came from T.J. Creamer in 2010
  6. 44% of the twitter users will not be active and do not tweet anything regularly
  7. The highest number of tweets 4.1 crore, came for a Philippines TV Show " Eat Bulaga" on October 24th 2015
  8. 3.5 crore tweeted for a semi final football match between Brazil and Germany in the year 2014
  9. The highest number of retweets per hour, came for America TV Anchor Ellen DeGeneres for his selfi tweet in the year 2014, on the eve of Oscar Awards
  10. Katy Perry is the most-followed person on Twitter, with 84.77 million followers

Happy Birthday Twitter, Here are the 10 Things to Know on the 10th Anniversary of Twitter Last Updated: 22 March 2016