Tollywood actor JD.Chakravarthy, who made his debut in 1989 with Nagarjuna starrer ‘Siva’ is finally going to tie the knot with Delhi-based businessman’s daughter soon. Of couse, he is marrying very late and is in his forties.

Chakravarthy had been evading marriage since long. But due to the pressure from his mother, he had to agree to marry. Owing great respect to his mother and her feelings, the actor had no choice but to make her dream come true. That’s really like a good son! Going by his words several times, in several interviews, the actor always asserted that he isn’t going to marry and never laid any trust in the institution of marriage. As he agreed to marriage, hope he changes his opinions on marriage and will have a great family life in future.


JD.Chakravarthy Getting MarriedSoon Last Updated: 17 April 2016

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