budget for ap 02022017

The following budgetary allocation was made by the Union Finance Minister for the following institutes and projects in AP:

  • Tribal University: Rs.100 Crore
  • Central University: Rs.10 Crore
  • IIT: Rs.50 Crore
  • IIM: Rs.50 Crore
  • Indian Institute of Culinary Sciences: Rs.50 Crore
  • IIIT: Rs.30 Crore
  • IITDM (Kurnool): Rs.30 Crore
  • Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy: Rs.145.20 Crore

Externally Aided Projects

  • Municipal Development: Rs.195 Crore
  • Development of Roads: Rs.200 Crore
  • Disaster Recovery Project: Rs.200 Crore
  • Integrated Rural Develeopment Programme: Rs.150 Crore
  • Visakhapatnam Port Trust: Rs.134.73 Crore
  • Visakhapatnam Steel Plant: Rs.1,891,.65 Crore
  • Funds for a Science center
  • Fund for Permanent Buildings for NIT, IIT, IIM and School of Architecutre and Planning

Railway Projects:

  • Yerrnguntla-Nossam-Banaganipalle (45 kms) Line
  • Banganipalle - Nandyal (28 kms) line
  • Vijayawada - Kondapalli doubling work and electrification
  • Guntakal-Bellari and Nallapadu-Nadikuri lines to be speeden up

Vijayawada - Ranchi (under extremist affected areas) 250 Kms road: Rs.900 Crore


Allocations for Andhra Pradesh in Budget Last Updated: 02 February 2017

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