amaravati marathon

Every major city in the country has a marathon held every year. Amaravati is also going to be part of it from this year. The First ‘Amaravati Marathon’ is going to start on January 10th, by Disease Eradication Through Education and Prevention (DEEP), with the support of the Andhra Pradesh Government. It will have only Amaravati Half Marathon, 10 k and 5 k runs. Amaravati Marathon is a platform for people of AP to join hands for not only providing a brighter future for sportspersons but also to support the larger cause of the city.

Amaravati Marathon is a yearly Marathon that symbolises the might and emergence of the People’s Capital. The Marathon will be a first-of-its-kind event that exemplifies the spirit of unity of the citizens of Andhra Pradesh in building India’s youngest and newest city.

The half marathon will begin at 6 Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium and cover 21.5 km - upto Uddandarayunipalem , where the foundation stone was laid for the new capital for Amaravati. 5K Run will be from Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium to Police Control Room. 10k Run will be from Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium to Sitanagaram. Interested persons can register their names on the website There is also prize money upto Rs.80,000/-

The registration process is categorized into three parts. For 5K Run it costs Rs.500/-, for 10K Run, it costs Rs.750/-, for Half Marathon it costs Rs.1000/-

Organisers are expecting a turnaround of 15000. Also many famous athletics from various countries are also expected. Telugu, Hindi Cinema actress are also expected to participate in this marathon. Telugu Hero Ram, Hindi Hero Vivek Obrai and other stars are expected.


'Amaravati Marathon', Run for Green Amaravati Last Updated: 07 January 2016

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