icilik guntur police

The Guntur East police department is going to start iClick kiosks (Instant Complaint Logging Internet Kiosk). Citizens in Guntur East, can easily lodge complaints, without going to Police Station. This helps the citizens who are feeling shy to go to police station and give the complaint. iClick online system is going to clear all the barriers between the public and the police department.

Already this service is there in RTC bus stand and GGH. Plans are there to keep this facility near Guntur Railway Station too.

The process of this is very simple. The citizen can lodge complaint by using computers, scanners and personal assistants would be available in these iClick centers to help the public.

  • This would be same like ATM center. We have to select the language English/Telugu
  • There are three ways to lodge the complaint.
  • Writing on paper and scanning the content and lodging the complaint
  • Type and lodge the complaint
  • Sending a voice message

A confirmation receipt would come to the phone number provided. The complaint from iClick centers would be redirected to the district SP and police stations for action.


iClick Kiosks in Guntur City to Lodge Police Complaint Easy Last Updated: 07 January 2016

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