cm kcr praises cbn 31032016

Telangana CM KCR today has become talk of telangana politics as the words from his mouth made many surprising. CM KCR during his speech today in assembly praised CBN continuously for construction of his new peoject over Pattiseema. It is known that CBN took the project of Pattiseema prestigiously and made the officials and ministers to run after it.

The CM of AP even succesfully merged the two crucial rivers Godavari and Krishna which was stated as impossible by many. Now, CM KCR who today spoke on irrigation praised his friend and even declared that he would come to a understanding with CBN soon after completing the war of water with Maharastra. It is known that before 14 years KCR left TDP and formed TRS. Here is the complete video of what KCR spoke of CBN and the way he Praised.



KCR Praises CBN in Telangana Assembly Last Updated: 31 March 2016