vijayawada railway station wifi 31032016

After free Wi-Fi in PNBS, MG Road, it is time for Vijayawada citizens to have free Wi-Fi in Vijayawada Railway Station also. The entire technical infrastructure is built on all the 10 platforms. Free Wi-Fi is going to start from second week of April.

Railway department has taken as a pilot project and started free Wi-Fi in 18 railway stations across India, and Vijayawada is one among them. The works related to this project are started in the month of November.


  • 3G speed will be provided
  • The first 30 minutes browsing would be free of cost
  • After 30 mins, it would be cost per second.
  • Recharge coupons also would be available in Railway Station
  • Free Wi-Fi would be provided in all the 10 platforms of the railway station

Free Wi-Fi in Vijayawada Railway Station from Second Week of April Last Updated: 31 March 2016

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