AMARAVATI: In response the call given by Telugu Desam Party National President N. Chandrababu Naidu, the party leaders and people's representatives took part in 'deeksha' protests at their respective homes all over the state on Thursday in protest against increased power bills.

The Opposition party objected that at a time when the people were suffering on account of loss of incomes and work opportunities due to Coronavirus lockdowns, the YCP Government gave an underhand, heavy blow to the consumers.

The protest deekshas were held in 160 out of the 175 assembly segments and 620 out of the 904 mandals. Over 180 people's representatives and assembly constituency incharges, and 400 state and district party leaders took part.

In a statement, the TDP State Media Committee said that their party leaders demanded the Government to waive power bills for three months of lockdown period and continuation of old slab system based on yearly average consumption. "How can Rs. 50,000 Cr burden be placed on the people in just one year? Rs. 30,000 Cr was earned by increasing liquor prices. Has YCP asked for One Chance only for this?"

The TDP asked whether the Government had no sympathy to reduce power bills in order to get some relief to the people who are badly hit by COVID impact. YCP promised no hike in power tariff in its manifesto. At his swearning-in, the CM assured to reduce power bills. But, now the people are getting shock by just touching the power bills. It is a shame that CM Jagan Reddy has reversed his slogan Mata Tappanu, Madama Tippanu and started to break his word and go back on his promises.


TDP 'at-home deeksha protests' against power bills. 580 leaders take part in 160 segments Last Updated: 21 May 2020