An Arial View of Buddha Statue in Amaravati

Summary: Do you wish to explore some great details about Amaravati, which is otherwise called as Andhra Nagari and Amareswaram? You have come to the right place.

Guntur District is a popular name, not just in Andhra Pradesh, but in other parts of the world as well. This district has a village called as Amaravati, which is situated in the Amaravati Mandal at the revenue division of Guntur. It is located to the north of the city of Guntur and it is located in the banks of Krishna River. The city holds the pride of being one among the many heritage cities in India.

Meaning of the name:

The term Amaravati in the local language translates to ‘the town lives forever’. It is called as Amareswaram because of the popular Amareswara temple located in the city, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the Pancharama Kshetras, which means it is one of the five ancient temples of Lord Shiva.

About the temple:

As mentioned earlier, it is one of the Pancharama Kshetras. Meaning, it is one of the five different spots in which the Shiva Lingam in the throat of the demon Tarakasura, who was killed by Subramanya Swamy fell. In the Amareswaram, it is believed that the Devas inclusive of Indra Deva has worshipped the lord Shiva. There are three things special about this temple in Amaravati and they are:

  • The Krishna River
  • It is one of the important Kshetrams with Sthala mahatmyam
  • The third significance is the Lord Shiva himself in the form of Sri Mahalinga Murty.

The Lord Shiva in this temple is in the form of 15 feet high white marble linga and the great thing about this temple is that it is bounded by four high gopurams built in emblematic Dravidian style. The original lingam in this temple is known to have been worshipped by the 7 rishis as per Hindu Mythology.

Amareswara Swamy Radhotsavam

Major festivals in the temple:

The important festivals celebrated in this temple are the Kalyanotsavam, the Navarathri and the Maha Shivaratri.

History of Amaravati:

The city was also the capital of Satavahanas, the first great Andhra Kings, who was ruling the area from the second to third century BC, after the downfall of the Maurya Empire.

The history of this city dates back to second century BCE. After the decline of Satavahanas, The Ikshvakus of Andhra and later Pallava Kings are known to have ruled this region. Then, Eastern Chalukyas and the Telugu Cholas were ruling this region and during the medieval times, this region was under the control of Kota Kings. During the 11th century CE, the Kota Kings were restrained by Kakatiyas and during this period, this region became a part of unified Telugu dynasty. The significance of this place is that it is found a mention in the Skanda Purana along with the Amareswara Temple.

Vasireddy Venkatadri NaiduAbout Stupa:

Amaravati actually lies between the Krishna and Godavari Rivers and this place was important from the 2nd century BCE for Buddhism. During 200 BCE, this region was ruled by the King Ashoka, who built a Buddhist Stupa here. The attractive thing about this Stupa was that it was sculpted with panels that tell the story of the Buddha. However, during the decline of Buddhism in this region, the stupa was buried.

Amaravati Tomb, Guntur

Ancient art:

Art historians consider the Amaravati Art as one of the three important styles of ancient Indian art. It is known that products from this part of AP were taken to Sri Lanka and South-East Asia and so the influence of Amaravati School of Art can be found in the Art of these countries. The British Museum at London and the Government Museum at Chennai Egmore host the Amaravati Gallery, from where the artistic view of olden Amaravati is clearly visible.

Ancient Wall Art in Amaravati

Amaravati School:

History of this region clearly shows that a different type of art form developed and flourished here for nearly six centuries starting from 200-100 BCE. This school of Art holds a pre-eminent position in the history of the Indian Art. From the 3rd Century BCE, the city clarifies her episodes all through the congregation of sculptural wealth.

Places of attraction for tourists:

Even though, there is a popular temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Amaravati is the pilgrim spot, not just for Hindus, but it is also the place of worship for Buddhists as well. There is a Buddha statue in Amaravati in meditation state, thereby making it a worship spot for Buddhists. To ensure easy transportation for the tourists, the town is connected by the Amaravati Road to Guntur.

Amaravati Buddha Idol


Local people speak Telugu and common clothing for women is saree, while for men, it is lungi or panche with uthareeyam. This town has found great mention in the Amaravti Kathalu written by Satyam Sankaramanchi, wherein the traditional culture of the local people during pre-independence and post-independence period can be rightly understood.


When it comes to festivals in Amaravati, the Navaratri and Mahasivaratri festivals are celebrated in a grand manner each year. Furthermore, in the year 2006, a Buddhist ritual called as the 30th Kalachakra Festival was also held in this region to denote its connection to Buddhism.

In short, Amaravati is a place with much historical, religious and cultural importance in Andhra Pradesh.

Lanco Kondapalli

Summary: The city of Vijayawada is otherwise called as the business capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh. This itself clearly shows that this city boasts a dynamic economy and let us explore some details in this regard.

As you might be aware, the city of Vijayawada is called as the business capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh. The city possesses an active economy on the basis of trade and commerce. The rail-cum-road bridge barrage that connects Vijayawada and Guntur cities are stated to be the great income generating sources for trade and commerce in this city. According to the report submitted in the year 2010, the total production of the city in monetary terms came out to be INR 18,000 crore and by the year 2025, it is expected that this figure will reach more than a lakh crore.

Major contributors:

When analysing the economic development of the city, the major contributors are agriculture and industrial sectors. Next comes the manufacturing and retail industry making huge contributions towards the development of the economy of this city. Reports state that nearly 72% of the population are working in the tertiary sector. This clearly talks about the economic development of the city.

Different sectors in an economy:

In general, in any economy the industries are brought under three main categories and they are primary sector, secondary and tertiary sector. The primary sector denote units that supply raw materials to different manufacturing units, while secondary sector denote industries involved in the actual manufacture of goods and services. When it comes to tertiary sector, this field can be otherwise called as service sector or service industry.

Examples of primary sector include fishing, agriculture and extraction units like mining industries. Some examples or tertiary sector includes education, real estate, franchising, retail sales, consulting, professional services, FMCG, Financial services, waste disposal, information technology, public health, mass media, hospitality, telecommunication, entertainment and government sector also comes under this category.

Autonagar Vijaywada

How about agriculture in Vijayawada?

Due to the abundance of fertile soil and water resources in the city of Vijayawada and due to the presence of the great Krishna River, agriculture is thriving in this city. Furthermore, the canals that originate from the Prakasam Barrage enable the agricultural sector to grow in a sustainable manner. As the agriculture thrives, the industries that rely on this sector are also able to thrive. For instance, many industrial units in Kondapalli and Autonagar estate houses rely on agriculture like rice mills and oil mills.

Furthermore, when talking about agricultural produces, mangoes from this city are exported to different countries of the world. Major revenue to the city comes from the manufacture of mangoes and their exports. Other important crops produced by the agricultural industry are sugarcane and rice.

Industrial sector:

Another major contributor towards the development of the economy of this city is the industrial sector. There are two major industrial estates in Vijayawada, one at autonagar and the other near Kondapalli. Autonagar mainly focuses on automobile service and manufacturing, but there are also other units functioning from this place in Vijayawada. When it comes to Kondapalli, it houses thermal power plants and many other power plants and this estate is the base for nearly 800 industrial units.

Generally, the economy of a city is decided based on the employment and income earning capacity of the residents and industrial units are contributors in this regard. Yes, more than a lakh of people are employed in the industrial sector in this city. Not just people residing in Vijayawada, but people from nearby cities are also able to get their livelihood from the industries functioning in this city.

An Utensils Industry in Vijayawada

Retail sector in Vijayawada:

Another important contributor towards the development of the economy of Vijayawada is her booming garment industry. The most popular Vastralatha building in the area called Old Town is stated to be the important spot for garment trade and reports state that a huge trade of garments is happening in this place every day. Another popular place for garment trade in the city is Kaleswara Rao Market area. Apart from these places, Besant Road and Governor Pet also contribute a great share towards the development of this industry. The malls functioning from this city boasts many retail outlets for garments in M.G. Road and Labbipet.

Not just retails, the city also has flourishing wholesale market for pulses, cereals and many other edible products, fancy markets, metals, fertilizers, etc.

Tourism industry:

Of course, the tourism industry in the city is yet another contributor with many attractions for tourists under different categories like religious spots, parks, places of traditional and historical value, shopping, entertainment and whatnot. There is something to meet the interests of visitors of different age groups. In addition, to provide the best hospitality to the tourists, there are the best resorts and hotels functioning in and around the tourist attractions to make their stay unforgettable for the tourists.

Bhavani Island Vijayawada


As the city is well-connected to different cities in Andhra Pradesh and also other major cities in India through road, rail and air transportation facilities, the tourism sector is able to flourish mainly because of the best transportation services available for the tourists. Furthermore, there is a well-planned transport grid in the city. The city administration maintains an impeccable public transportation facility.

When talking about the contributions made by the transportation sector towards the development of the economy of Vijayawada, the fact to remember is that this is one of the few cities in India to implement the Bus Rapid Transport System called as BRTS, followed by major cities like Delhi, Pune and Ahmedabad. In addition, she holds the pride of being the first city in the entire southern India to have this facility for smoother public transportation. The BRTS routes are operational right from the year 2012 and they map all through the local dimensions of the city.

Not just public transport, there are private autos and traditional auto rickshaws operated in this city, besides many private operators also operate their cabs for the convenience of people.

So, when it comes to the economy of Vijayawada, these sectors play an important role towards her development, which in turn contributes towards the development of the entire state as well.

LEPL Inox, Vijayawada

Summary: If you are an Indian from a city like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi or other top cities, you might have surely heard about inox and you might also have visited Inox theater in your home city.

During your visit to Vijayawada, among the many attractions, the ideal attraction available for moving enthusiasts is Inox in Vijayawada.

About INOX:

INOX Leisure Limited is the subsidiary of Gujarat Fluoro Chemicals Limited with its headquarters in the city of Mumbai. INOX theater is the venture of INOX into entertainment industry, which turned out to be the great success in most of the cities in India.

Chain of theaters:

INOX has its presence in 54 cities across India and the company has 389 screens and 100 multiplexes around the nation. In Andhra Pradesh, they have their presence in many cities and in Vijayawada, there are two INOX complexes. Let us gather some information in this regard:

LEPL Patamata Vijayawada

Inox in Vijayawada:
LEPL Icon:

This is located in Patamata in Vijayawada and LEPL Icon is the prominent commercial project from one of the top-rated business groups in Andhra Pradesh. Not just watching your favorite movies in Inox, you can also shop and dine at LEPL Icon. There are exclusive outlets in the multiplex and you can find products under different categories like household goods, office supplies, lifestyle goods, sports and a wide range of other collection of items. The restaurants in the mall will curb your hunger with delicious foods and beverages. Not just traditional Andhra Pradesh foods, but you can find foods and beverages from other parts of the country as well.

This mall is spread over an area of 2,20,000 Sq. feet with a leasable area of 1,20,000 Sq. Feet. It is a 5-storied mall with the best names in retail industry. This is actually the second multiplex in Vijayawada as the other one was established prior to the one in LEPL Icon. Not just Telugu, but also English and Hindi movies are also released on the 4 screens in this Inox Complex in Vijayawada with a total seating capacity of 1198.

Inox Vijayawada Inside

Urvashi Theatre Complex:

This Inox in Vijayawada is located in Gandhi Nagar. This place previous had three theaters Ramba, Urvasi and Menaka. The Mumbai-based INOX Leisure entered into an agreement with the owner of Urvashi Theater Complex as a chance to make their presence in Vijayawada, while for Urvasi Theater it turned out to be the opportunity of becoming the first multiplex in the entire coastal region. This complex has also got its own food courts and shopping areas. This complex has three INOX screens to provide the best movie-watching experience to the visitors.

So, you can spend an entire day in both these Inox complexes in Vijayawada with film, shopping and of course dining.

Temperature in Vijayawada

Summary: For those who are planning for a vacation at Vijayawada, it is important to understand the temperature and here are some details in this regard.

The landscape of the city of Vijayawada is naturally a combination of plain lands in between small to midsized hills. In addition, the great Krishna River runs through the city and the other special thing about the Eastern Ghats passing through this river in the city is that they are of low elevation as compared to the average elevation of hills.

Canals run through the city:

Apart from the Krishna River and hills with lesser elevation, another thing that reduces the hotness of the summers to a certain extent is the three canals running through the city. The three canals actually originate from the northern part of the Prakasam Barrage called as Ryves, Bandar and Eluru. The city holds the pride of being the only city in the world with a river and three canals.

In addition, another canal called as Buckingham canal also originates from the southern side of the reservoir. Mainly because of the presence of the Krishna River, the soil around the river is highly fertile and is intensively used for cultivation purpose.

Winter Morning Vijayawda

Climate during summers:

As you are planning to visit Vijayawada during the forthcoming summer, you might be interested in knowing the weather in Vijayawada and the thing to remember here is that the weather is hot to hottest in summers that range from 17 to 470 C with a lot of humidity. However, winters are mild and pleasant, wherein temperature ranges between 10 and 300C. If you are looking for rainy Vijayawada, the city gets her rainfall both from north-east and south-west monsoon.

Vijayawada Summer

Plans to improve climate:

Yes, as the recent temperature hike in this city is a cause of concern, the local government has a lot of plans to improve the weather in Vijayawada to make it comfortable not only for tourists, but also for the locals. With this motto, the government has planned a massive plantation drive with a view to improve the urban green cover of the city.

Tree plantation drives:
The government feels that urban forests are believed to be the excellent means for keeping the healthy temperature in Vijayawada. It is expected that large parks can reduce the daytime Vijayawada temperature during hot summer months by about 3 degrees. Trees can also modify the Vijayawada temperature by acting as a windbreak and will help in improving the quality of air as well.

Vijayawada Raining

So, with these moves from the government, you can very well plan your visit to this city during summer without having to worry about humid Vijayawada weather.

PVR Vijayawada View Outside

Summary: If you are an ardent movie fan, Vijayawada can quench your interest towards movies with the best multiplexes.

Without any doubt, Vijayawada offers a whole lot of entertainment to touring enthusiasts, but how about movie buffs? Will they be able to quench their thirst of watching movies in great multiplexes like in many other cities in India? Of course, Vijayawada hosts the Ripples Mall, where PVR Cinemas Vijayawada is aesthetically placed with four screens to bring the entertainment aspect to the locals and even for the tourists.

About PVR Cinemas:

PVR is the largest and the most popular movie entertainment company with their movie screens located in different shopping malls around India. As per the ‘brand trust report 2013’, PVR Cinemas gained the status of the ‘most trusted brand’ under the category of entertainment. The company was actually incorporated in the year 1995 on the month of April pursuant to a joint venture. With the agreement between the Village Roadshow Limited of Australia and the Priya Exhibitors Private Limited, the company pioneered the first multiplex in the year 1997 at Saket in New Delhi.

Inside PVR Mall Vijayawada

About the mall and PVR Cinemas:

PVR Vijayawada is housed in the Ripples Mall and this is why it is called as PVR Ripples. The mall is stated to be the place where film buffs meet shopaholics. The reason is that not just 4 movie screens of PVR Cinemas, the mall also house a number of shops of great brands. Not just shopping and movie, you can also enjoy your dining out in this mall with the food court offering its best service to the visitors. The mall has ground plus three floors and the third floor is reserved for movie buffs.

Children Enjoying in Gaming Zone at PVR Vijayawada

The mall is open between 9am and 11pm, but the first movie show begins at 10am and will be on till 10.40pm, which is the time of the beginning of the final show of the day.

The PVR Cinemas in Vijayawada is located in the 3rd floor of the mall, which is located in MG Road, Labbipet in Vijayawada.

Distance from Vijayawada Bus Station:

It takes just a 3 minute drive by car to reach the PVR, Vijayawada from the Vijayawada Railway Station. The approximate distance is 3 kms or 1.9 miles.

TIcket Counter in PVR Vijayawada

Online booking of tickets:

You can just book tickets for your favourite movies online for today, tomorrow and day-after-tomorrow. This means that two days advance booking is possible. When you are planning for a chill out this Sunday along with your family, you can just book ticket for your favourite movie on Friday itself as it will be hard to get tickets on Sundays. So, book in advance and relish yourself with good quality sound systems and picture perfect movies at PVR Cinemas Vijayawada.


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