priest at doorstep 27012016

Andhra Pradesh endowments department is soon introducing a scheme, "Bhaktuni Chentaku Bhagvantudu". This is going to start from Ugadi. As part of the programme, the pujari of the local temple will visit family to bless them on seven special occasions. The pujari will visit families on seven special occasions, related to birth of a child, naming ceremony, feeding of the first meal to a child, marriage, pregnancy and give their blessings. In case of death, the pujari from the local Shiva temple will visit the family concerned and give Lord Shiva's Abhisheka jalam

They will not charge for this service. However, people are free to offer anything they like to the pujaris as `dakshina'. To begin with, temples with an income of below one lakh per year will be selected under the programme.


Government Soon to Introduce "Pujari at Your Doorstep" Last Updated: 27 January 2016

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