vijayawada book festival rush 03012016

Huge crowds of book-lovers throned into 27th Vijayawada Book Festival (VBF) at Swaraj Maidan (PWD Grounds). Being Sunday, the rush is more today, with more number of children came in. Childrens mostly are searching for story and comin books of their interest. The other reason is also because, there is no entry ticket.

It is a treat to book lovers, with local, national and international publications came to display their wide variety of books. Attractive discounts are also given on the books purchased and special discounts are given to students.

The event draws to a close on January 11th.

A book shop, promoting their publication with Bahubali Model.

vijayawada prabhas model


Huge Crowds on Sunday Evening at Vijayawada Book Festival Last Updated: 03 January 2016

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