apsrtc parcel service 11072016

AP State Road Transport Corporation (APS RTC), new service of delivering Parcel Services to remote villages and interior tribal villages of the state is getting huge response from the public.

Since the past 45 days, from the date of launch of this service, only Guntur and Vijayawada Regions have bought around Rs.One crore revenue. As the buses, would be there to near by towns, every 30 mins, the goods are being received very fast to the customers, than the private players.

Below are the Sidelines of RTC Parcel Service:

  • Parcels would be delivered within 24 hours to the places covered by the buses
  • Not only AP, but other major cities like Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru where RTC is running the services
  • A special place would be allocated for parcels. Right now, the delivery is being fone from busstand to busstand and in future, RTC is planning to send the parcel to the house.
  • Global Positioning System-based vehicle tracking equipment to track the buses
  • The cost of Private players per Kg for every one KM is 44 paise, whereas RTC is providing at 30 paise
  • To send a parcel weighing 50 kg to Vijayawada it would cost just Rs. 50
  • In case of Chennai or Hyderabad, it would cost Rs. 100 and to Bengaluru just Rs. 100
  • Within the district, a parcel weighing 50 kg could be moved at a cost of just Rs. 30
  • Farmers could make use of the service to move fruits and vegetables to niche markets
  • Parcel counter could be reached on mobile no. 7337347677 for Guntur and 8333095536 for Vijayawada, for more details



APS RTC Parcel Service Gets Huge Response Last Updated: 11 July 2016