Vijayawada Railway Station

Summary: If you are looking for train trips to Vijayawada, regardless of the state you belong to, you can find trains reaching this station.

If you are an individual from any popular city in India like Chennai, Coimbatore, Lucknow, Jammu, Bangalore and any other city in the state of Andhra Pradesh and look for affordable and comfortable journey to Vijayawada, the best thing you can do is to take up train journey. You can choose a train that reaches from your city to the Vijayawada Railway Station.

Railway Track at Vijayawada Railway Station

About the station:
This railway station in the state of Andhra Pradesh is one of the important junctions of the Indian Railways. It falls under the Vijayawada Railway Division of the South Central Railway Zone.

What is special about the station?

  • The station has 10 platforms and it holds the pride of being the solitary station to have 5 gates with hostages for booking tickets in the entire nation.
  • It is one of the active railway stations with nearly 250 fast-moving trains and nearly 150 freight trains transit through this station.
  • The station serves around 1.5 lakh passengers in a day and 50 million passengers every year
  • In the year 2008, the station earned A-1 Status and the reason is the increase in the revenue, which crossed 100 crores during that financial year.
  •  Not just Vijayawada Railway Station, but also Vijayawada railway division produces more income as compared to other divisions and stations that comes under the South Central Railway and more active as compared to its regional headquarter Secunderabad.

Night View of Vijayawada Railway Station

History of the station:

  • The station was built in the year 1888
  • In the year 1889, the Nizam’s Guaranteed State Railway built a line between Secunderabad station and Vijayawada as an extension line.
  • Successively, the Vijayawada railway station turned out to be junction of three lines from varied directions.
  • In the year 1899 to make the connection between many top cities in India like Hyderabad, New Delhi, Howrah, Mumbai and Chennai, the broad gauge line was built between the city of Vijayawada and Chennai.
  • In the year 1969, Golconda Express was introduced between Vijayawada and Secunderabad as the fastest steam-hauled train in the country, with an average speed of 58 km/h.

Vijayawada Railway Junction in 1986

From there on, the station developed into a junction and this continued until the nationalization of independent railways in India took place. Once the nationalization happened, the Indian Railways was constituted under the Ministry of Railways three years after the Indian independence. This was done by the then Indian Government. Then, the Vijayawada Railway Station as the headquarters of the division of Vijayawada was brought under the Southern Railway as it belongs to one of the Southern states in India Andhra Pradesh.

When talking about the milestones in the History of this railway station, in the year 1969, the Golconda Express was introduced between the Vijayawada and Secunderabad as the fastest steam-based train in overall India. The reason is that it had an typical speed of around 58 km/h, which was the fastest at that time.

Except the Vijayawada-Machilipatnam line, wherein Diesel engine based trains are operated, all other tracks in this railway station are electrified and they are broad gauge lines as well.

Train Stopped at Vijayawada Railway Junction

Platforms in the station:
As mentioned earlier, the station has 10 platforms in total and all of them are covered by the armour-plated cement concrete roof. Each of these platforms is designed in such a way that they can handle trains with 24 coaches and higher. Here are the details about the platforms through which trains to different cities are operated:

  • 1st Platform: Trains from Bangalore, Chennai and Howrah passes through this platform
  • 2nd and 3rd Platform: These are used for passenger and diesel-electric multiple unit trains to Guntur and Machilipatnam
  • 4th Platform is used for mails and passenger trains up to Vizag
  • 5th Platform is for Passenger and diesel-electric multiple unit trains towards Khammam
  • 6th to 9th platforms are meant for long trains that are operated towards New Delhi.
  • From the 10th platform and to the platform trains from and to Secunderabad are operated.


Vijayawada Railway Junction

Trains originating from Vijayawada Railway Station:

  • Amaravati Express to Hubli
  • Vijayawada to Sai Nagar Shirdi
  • Jan Shatabdi Express to Chennai Central
  • Ratnachal Express to Vizag
  • Satavahana Express to Secunderabad
  • Pinakini Express to Chennai Central
  • Vijayawada - New Delhi AC Express Train

In addition to these trains that start from Vijayawada Railway Station, many other trains also pass by this station to make the traveling convenient for people from many parts of India.



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