poster free vijayawada 23072016

Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) has come up with an initiative to transform the city into poster-free and wall writing-free zone ahead of Krishna Pushkaralu.

In this regard, the VMC launched Transforming Vijayawada campaign. Students from schools and colleges in the city came forward to support the initiative taken up by the corporation.

Margam, a city-based Voluntary Organisation, has taken up the task of making the city into poster-free and wall writing-free zone.

As part of the campaign, voluntaries are removing the wall posters in public spaces, including MG Road, Benz Circle, Raghavaiah Park, railway station, flyovers and government offices. They are painting up the dirty walls with beautiful murals.

Lets co-operate with their good work and don’t spoil them again and keep our Vijayawada Clean and beautiful.



Campagin Started to Make Vijayawada Poster Free Last Updated: 23 July 2016

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