ramavarappadu masjid demolition 20022016

Muslims representing Majid-e-Abubakar offered Friday Prayers on the road under construction as a protest, at Abubakar Masjid, which is proposed to be removed, at Ramavarappadu in Vijayawada.

Meanwhile Krishna District Collector Mr.Babu A said that alternatives are provided for the houses, masjid and temple at Ramvarappadu, which are required to be demolished to pave way for Inner Ring Road. Mr.Babu said that "all the structures, are encroachments on the canal Bund. Locals have to understand, as an alternative land of 5 cents against 3 cents of are in which masjid is currently present has been allotted for it at Ramvarappadu. The government also would give cost of construction and the families would be given land in Jakkampudi.


Muslims Protest Over Demolition of Masjid in Ramvarappadu; Offers Friday Prayers on Road Last Updated: 20 February 2016

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