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Summary:  Most us have watched the grand event of foundation stone laid by PM for declaration of state capital in AP on television. Here are 5 interesting details about this new capital:

Amaravati is actually, the most talked topic in Andhra Pradesh and even in the nearby states, just because the foundation stone for converting this region to be the new capital of the state of AP was recently laid by the Indian Prime Minister. Do you know that the city of Amaravati has great cultural and regional heritage? Even though, this itself adds value for choosing this region as the capital city, here are some interesting facts about this city that will make you think that this region is the fittest capital to the state:

1. More than 2000 years old heritage:

The city holds the pride of being one of the oldest cities in the history of India. Even though, this is one of the smallest cities in the Guntur District, it was the capital city for the Satavahanas, who ruled this region during the 2nd and 3rd Century BCE. During the colonial period, it was under the British Rules. The rich heritage of the region can be understood from places like Amareswara temple, the great stupa and Buddhist sculptures.

2. Asia’s largest chilli market:

Yes, the largest chilli market in the entire Asia is located near Amaravati, thereby adding one more feather to the crown of Amaravati. Reports state that nearly 75% of chilli exports are done from the state of AP and a major contribution is made by the Asia’s largest chilli market at Amaravati. The chilli varieties from this region are known for the highly spicy nature. Also, chilli manufacturers from this region are making huge incomes as they produce export quality chillies.

Chilli Yard, Guntur

3. Buddhist Connection:

Another attractive thing about Amaravati is that it stands as the unity between the Hinduism and Buddhist religions. This city, which was the home for many Buddhist monks, is the place, where the great Gautam Buddha taught the holy ritual called as Kalachakra. During the rule of king Ashoka, a huge stupa for Buddha was built by the king. The stupa has carvings that depict the list history and story of Gautam Buddha.

Amaravati Wall Art

4. Second largest railway station in Asia:

The Vijayawada Railway Station was constructed in the year 1888 and it holds the pride of being the busiest railway stations in the entire country. The railway station is serving nearly 50 million passengers every year and nearly 250 express trains and 150 goods trains pass through this railway station. It holds the pride of being the only station with five entrance gates and each of these gates has booking counters as well.

Railway Station Vijayawada

5. Kohinoor diamond:

Another interesting thing about Amaravati is that it is the birthplace of the most popular Kohinoor diamond that decorates the crown of Queen Elizabeth. This diamond is known to have obtained from the Kollur Mines, in Kollur village, which is a part of Amaravati.

Kohinoor Diamond

All these five things make Amaravati, the ideal region for having dominated as the capital region of the state.


5 Interesting Things About the New Capital of Andhra Pradesh Last Updated: 28 November 2015

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