excellent video on vijayawada

Here is an Excellent Aerial Video Showcasing Vijayawada and it surroundings


An Excellent Aerial Video Showcasing Vijayawada Last Updated: 20 August 2016

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+2 #14 krishna mohan 2016-10-27 18:14
0 #13 krishna mohan 2016-10-27 18:12
Super..........excellent our vijayawada
-1 #12 P M Jani 2016-09-25 17:30
The beautiful city vijayawada shows video excellent, our cm chandra babu naidu sir doing work very well..
-5 #11 Raveendra Babu Madal 2016-09-23 05:06
Excellent Video. It would have been nice to include Agiripalli Narasimha swamy temple. Nuzvid side is completely ignored in this video. Request you to include it.
+2 #10 ramesh jyotho 2016-08-26 07:04
I am very proud to be a citizen of vijayawada.but in vijaywada there are churches very famous like mary matha chuch in gundala not only temples to show.Thank you.
-1 #9 C. Ramesh Kumar 2016-08-25 17:38
Excellent. Amaravathi is still in nascent stage, but promisingly progressing. We can imagine how it is going to be after 10 years. It will be vying with the best cities in the world.
+1 #8 Vijay babu 2016-08-25 12:45
The beautiful city n getting younger with modernised glow day by day. Lets have the best International airport and wide roads with min 6 lanes.
+4 #7 John Timothy Naicker 2016-08-24 17:43
Sir, Thank you somuch for showing very nicely the entire beauty of the Vijayawada City though missing few places. There is no the Vijayawada famous "Gunadala Hill" of Christians?!!!!!! it creates a feeling of that the video taken only by having views in Hindus?!!!!!! Plz let it be secular... If u add Gunadala Hill then it might give some more beauty to the Vijayawada city. If is there any famous Muslim Pilgrim place, please add it also. So then it promotes Communal Harmony too. I think it released only for Pushkar's sake... But please release one more excellent VJA city video by taking all these points in view. Thanking you sir. JTN, HYD.
0 #6 sai bhaskar 2016-08-24 03:10
chala bavundi kani backround music koncham marchite adurs......
-2 #5 mastanali 9440578999 2016-08-23 17:17
exlent sir

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