vijayawada illuminated sankranti 16012016

All the main centers and especially Bandar Road in Vijayawada is Illuminated. Thanks to the state government for allocating 1 crore for every district. Strings of color bulbs are placed throughout the main roads and some important internal roads giving Bezawada a resplendent look. The city is being illuminated with serial lamps and decorated with welcome arches. Railway Station and Pandit Nehru Bus Station areas are also decked up.

Meanwhile the commercial establishments, malls, cinema halls and hotels are also been decorated attracting costumers. Vijayawada citizens are greeted with a decked-up, heavily lit city.

vijayawada illuminated sankranti 16012016 3

vijayawada illuminated sankranti 16012016 1


Illuminated Bandar Road on the Eve of Sankranti in Vijayawada Last Updated: 16 January 2016

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