amaravati scania guntur 22022016

The most exciting fleet of Amaravati buses of APSRTC are now ready to serve from Guntur Bus Stand. Now people travelling from Guntur also can enjoy the travel in the luxurious Amaravati Buses.

The buses are scheduled to run between Guntur and Hyderabad and Guntur and Visakhapatnam. The buses would run in morning and nights between this route.

A fleet of new premium air conditioned buses under the brand name - ‘Amaravati’ after the name of Andhra Pradesh new capital - hit the road on the first day of 2016

Below are the schedules of Amaravati Buses from Guntur

  • Service Number 4171: Guntur to KPHB; Departure: 10.00 AM, Arrival: 4.50 PM; Price: Rs.665/-
  • Service Number 4172: KPHB to Guntur; Departure: 10.40 PM, Arrival: 5.55 AM; Price: Rs.665/-
  • Service Number 4173: Guntur to KPHB; Departure: 10.50 AM, Arrival: 5.30 AM; Price: Rs.665/-
  • Service Number 4174: KPHB to Guntur; Departure: 08.44 AM, Arrival: 3.55 PM; Price: Rs.665/-
  • Service Number 4190: Guntur to Visakhapatnam; Departure: 10.30 PM, Arrival: 5.40 AM; Price: Rs.802/-
  • Service Number 4191: Visakhapatnam to Guntur; Departure: 10.00 AM, Arrival: 5.25 PM; Price: Rs.802/-

Now Amaravati Scania Buses to Run from Guntur Bus Stand; below are the Schedules Last Updated: 22 February 2016