Four major roads in Vijayawada are to be cleaned round the clock and not even a single paper will be seen on these four roads. The roads include MG Road, Karl Marx Road, 5 Route and Canal Road. The related works will be handed over to the contractor, Pune-based BVG India Private Limited. Already this is in process for MG Road, for a stretch of 7 Km, from Police Control Room to SIRIS Company. This is also maintained by BVG India Private Limited.

Yesterday, Municipal Commissioner G. Veerapandian inspected the sanitation works. He has enquired about the manual cleaning, where back-mounted vacuum cleaners are used to clean the roads. Mr. Veerapandian said that, very soon the process of cleaning 56 Km stretch of roads, comprising MG Road, Karl Marx Road, 5 Route and Canal Road will be cleaned 24 hrs and it would be litter free.

VMC Chief Medical and Health Officer M. Gopi Naik and health officer Ramakoteswara Rao accompanied the Commissioner.


"Operation Clean Four" - Those Four Roads in Vijayawada will be Cleaned Round the Clock Last Updated: 03 March 2016

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