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Parasailing and other water sports at Bhavani Islands emerged as best weekend entertainment for adventure buffs in the city of late. The bowling alleys that came up in the city with the malls brought a change in how the citizens of Vijayawada spend their weekends till recently and they are now replaced by water sports, particularly the parasailing, which is a unique adventure sport.

Parasailing is offered by a Goa-based company, Champions Yatch Club at the Bhavani Islands. Despite being a costly ride, parasailing became a favourite sport for youngsters, The person who wants to parasail is towed to a motorboat which cruises through waters of Krishna River upstream Prakasam Barrage while he wears a parachute. This makes one literally fly at 150 feet height and have birds view of the surroundings, which include the Bhavani Islands, capital villages and the Kankadurga temple. However, the ride is too short at five minutes for a price of Rs.900.

Parasailing started in January and it is picking up as the summer is setting in.



Parasailing Turns Best Summer Treat In City Last Updated: 30 March 2016

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