vijayawada new door numbers 05032016

Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) is providing Unique Digital Addressing Solution for Urban Dwellings (UDASUD) for the households in the city. With this, a metal plate will be installed to each house. It contains navigation details and address location services. Property tax will also be synchronize to this service.

This would be done by VMC free of cost. The project has been taken on pilot basis for 3 lakh assessments.

Already Zipper Company has started this and providing zipper code by visiting the houses. Right now, they are providing stickers only and later it would be converted to metal sheets.

The new system helps in easily changing or retrieving a new address at any time and it would navigate through online.

How to get this new digital door numbers:

  • Right now door to door survey is going on
  • A Representative from VMC will come and take Geo coordinates of your house
  • Then they provide you digital address unique code
  • Once you receive the new digital door number, log on to
  • Here you have to activate your digital Address, by providing, Name, Mobile Number and Digital Address Number
  • Then Click on Activate Now, to get your digital address activated



Vijayawada Citizens to Get New Digital Door Numbers Last Updated: 03 May 2016

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