vijayawada nuzvid road 24052016

Long awaited Vijayawada- Nuzivd four lane road expansion, is going to happen very soon, according R&B AE Sasi Bhushan. Vijayawada- Nuzivd has been declared as state highway, to get easy access to Capital Amaravati. Total funds of Rs.200 cores are also sanctioned for this project and very soon tenders would be called of and the works would be started ASAP.

This expansion will also happen in Nunna Village, as the roads are very narrow in this village. This expansion is very much needed now, as the traffic from Nuzvid area has increased to Vijayawada, and it is expected to increase, once Amaravati construction starts.



Vijayawada- Nuzivd Four Lane Road Expansion with Rs.200 Crores Last Updated: 24 May 2016

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