rationmobile 04032016

No need to go to the distributor every day and enquire whether the ration is distributed. Krishna and Guntur District Administration, is sending an SMS to the beneficiary, when the ration is ready to distribute. The same is implemented this month in both the districts. On February 29th, all the rations holders have received an SMS conveying them to go and take their ration from the distributor. The other important thing is, the SMS also contains what kinds of items are available for distribution. This would help, to eradicate corruption, where the dealer would hold certain items without distribution to the beneficiaries.

This would be very helpful to the people, as lot of time would be wasting every time. In this way, the distribution also can be completed by 10th of every month.


White Card Holder will Receive an SMS when Ration is Ready to Distribute Last Updated: 04 March 2016

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