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Gone are those to visit a shopping mall or a costly restaurant and access free Wi-Fi. Now you can access free Wi-Fi even in tea stalls. Have a sip of hot cup of tea and enjoy free Wi-Fi in a tea stall at Pandit Nehru Bus Stand. There will be no subscription fees, no data fees for accessing Wi-Fi, just order a cup of tea with Rs.10/-.

Three "Chaiwala" shops have come up at Pandit Nehru Bus Stand in Vijayawada. Buy a cup of tea for Rs.10 and enjoy free Wi-Fi for 15 mins. The signal will be lost after 15 mins and have a tea again.

Variety of Chais include, Dumdaar Chai, Masala chai, Ginger Chai, Elachi Chai, Lemon Chai, Perfect Mix Chai, Strong Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Coffee, Horlicks, Boost, Green Tea. Also Snacks such as Onion Samosa and Biscuits are also available

"Chaiwala" shops have also come up in Guntur Bus Stand.

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Have a Cup of Tea and Enjoy Free Wi-Fi at "Chaiwala" Tea Stall in Vijayawada Bus Stand Last Updated: 04 March 2016

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