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Summary: As soon as the new government of Andhra Pradesh announced Amaravati as the new capital city, many debates are revolving around this niche. Let us explore.

If you are studying in a residential college in Andhra Pradesh, while you are actually from Amaravati and you are looking for some valuable points to favour your home city as the best choice for the capital city of the state, here are some wonderful things about Amaravati that will come to your benefit. Of course, as the child of this city, you might be well-aware of her importance, but here are some points of interest to come to your favour

The first capital city of Andhra Desam:

Proudly share with your friends that this city was the first ever capital of the Andhra Desam. The reason is this was the capital city of the Satavahana dynasty that ruled the entire region, where Telugu speaking people were residing. It was the Telugu Kings, who ruled major part of India and they did this ruling right from this very old traditional land. During that era, she was one of the richest cities in the southern part of India and then she was divided into Amaravati, Eluru, Vijayawada, Vuyyuru, etc.  Vasireddy Venkatadri Nayudu (1783–1816) was the last king of the Vasireddy Clan that ruled parts of coastal Andhra Pradesh from 1413 until the advent of the British

Traditional value for different religions:

Of course, your friends might be well-aware of the fact that Amaravati is close to Hinduism with the great traditional temple for Lord Shiva. But, tell them that this land is the holy land for Buddhists as well. Show the famous Buddha Stupam as the symbol of the same to your friends. Tell them that the Buddhist stupa was built by the Mouryas and it holds the pride of being the biggest in the entire nation. Not just in olden times, but even today many Buddhists are visiting this place for worship.

Amareswara Swamy Temple

Buddhist countries consider Amaravati with prominence:

As Buddhist believe this place to be their holy spot, she will increase the chances of extending good relationship with countries like Korea, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan in which Buddha is worshipped as a god. When this city turns out to be the capital city of a state, she will gain better attention from these nations. This will increase her chances of turning out to be the admired religious destination for Buddhists in the near future.

Smart grids:
Not just for religious purpose, inform your friends that this is a city suitable for conversion into capital city, mainly because the new government has recently changed the state from a power-deficit condition to a power-surplus state. This will attract more and more investors. Furthermore, the government’s initiative on setting up a smart grid in Vijayawada makes Amaravati, the ideal choice for capital of the state.

Waste management on schedule:

Most of state governments in India face trouble in a common arena called as waste management. For instance, there are often troubles faced in the borders of the Tamil Nadu and Kerala state stating that the latter state dumps all their medical wastes in the borders of the former state. But, the present ruling government in AP has taken effective steps towards waste management in an effective manner. Even, the wastes are recycled and towards this mission of greener state, government has entered into an agreement with the Singapore Cooperation Enterprise for development of joined framework for an integrated solid waste management.

Rich history can bring long-term benefits to the state:

When the government made announcement about the new capital, people from different sects of the society came up with suggestions to the state government to name the capital after the respective legends from their caste/sects. But, the government cannot arrive at a one-sided decision in this regard. On the other hand, when either Guntur or Vijayawada is named, it will project as if either of these cities alone as the capital city. When a new capital with a new name was thought, it was found that Amaravati can be the right choice. The reason is that it clearly depicts the history of the state in a number of ways.

Economy of Amaravati is vibrant:

This is yet another reason to favour Amaravati as the capital region. In addition to being the powerful area, this place will also act as the commercial hub for the present regional industries, logistics and agricultural businesses. Apart from these industries, it will also act as the catalyst for new industries like IT enabled services and pharma industries. The plan in this regard is made by the government and this will increase the employment prospects for the locals to a great extent. With many tourist attractions, industries, agricultural area that is well-irrigated by the Krishna and Godavari rivers, this place will be a wholesome capital with both modern and traditional value, thereby bringing better importance to the state at the national level. Besides these things, the agricultural market yard in Guntur is the biggest in Asia, which adds further pride to the state.

Wise decision by the government:
Amaravati rightly resides between Guntur and Vijayawada, which are two already established cities in the state. This adds more benefits as the city will develop as a metropolitan city within a very short period with its own prominence besides being in the best location in the state.

Amaravati Master Plan

Pride to the nation:
Most of the capital cities in the southern part of India were selected and named by British rulers. For instance, Madras and Bangalore were named by them. But, now when Amaravati is named as the capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh, it will be the capital city with both traditional and historical importance and she it also named by eminent Indian rulers, who were ruling great dynasties in the past and who have fought against eminent invaders to capture and retain their land.

So, these are the few reasons why you can argue with your friends for Amaravati as the capital city of the Andhra Pradesh state.



Why Amaravati is the Best Choice for Capital City of Andhra Pradesh? Last Updated: 06 December 2015

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