amaravati govt quarters 12072016

The Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) is now planning to construct government quarters for the employees, Ministers and legislators in Amaravati.

There would be separate quarters fro Judges, Senior Judicial Official, IAS and the employees.

  • Judges, Senior Judicial Official, IAS officers would get duplex houses with 3-4 bed rooms, of 3,500 feet plinth area.
  • Other employees would be accommodated in G+9 apartments.
  • MLAs and the MLCs will have 3,500 feet plinth area in the group apartments.
  • Gazetted officers would get a flat of 1800 feet plinth area
  • Class IV staff would have 800 feet plinth area

CRDA had roped in three senior officers from the State Housing Board to work on the housing project. Once the government allots the land, the work would be started.

Below are the plans:


amaravati govt quarters 12072016 2

amaravati govt quarters 12072016 3



12000 Government Quarters to Come Up in Amaravati Last Updated: 12 July 2016

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