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Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, has come up with a special offer for visitors who are booking cottages at Bhavani Island and Haritha Berm Park. Whoever books rooms here, will get free access to 13 kinds of water games at Bhavani Island in Krishna River. All these games would cost approx. Rs.500 per person. Anyone who books AC or Non-AC rooms are eligible for this complimentary offer. Addition to this 2+2 breakfast for a couple and complimentary offer is also available.

The cost of AC Tree Top Cottage at Bhavani Island, including all taxes is Rs.1920/- for one day/night. For AC Blocks Cottage the price is, including all taxes is Rs.2728/- for one day/night and for Non-AC Blocks Cottage the price is, including all taxes is Rs.1700/- for one day/night.

Goa based Champions Yatch Club is successfully running many innovative water games in Krishna River. Know more about the various water games here. Choose Bhavani Island, Vijayawada for a Relaxing Weekend


Double Dhamaka by APTDC for Booking Cottages at Bhavani Island Last Updated: 01 March 2016

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