emergency number 08052016

India is going to get a single emergency number from January 1st 2017. The single emergency number would be 112. This would help people to reach police, ambulance and fire.

Right now there is 100 for Police, 101 for fire and 108 for ambulance. This would be difficult for the people to manage different numbers.

Even people can send SMS and the system will trace the location of the caller and will share the details with the nearest center. Even the mobile manufactures are directed to keep an emergency button in the new mobiles, including mandatory GPS. The panic button will enable users to make emergency call or send alerts to multiple numbers just by pressing a button. Telecom operators have been asked to direct all emergency calls to 112.

All existing emergency numbers will be phased out within a year of rolling out 112, depending upon the awareness about this new facility.



India to Get One Emergency Number from January 2017 Last Updated: 08 May 2016

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