krishna pushkarams review

Vijayawada City Administration is getting ready for development of the riverfront by modernising Durga Ghat and other ghats, on the banks of Krishna river, and to turn it into a permanent tourist and recreational spot.

Chinese conglomerate Guizhou International Investment Corporation (GIIC) has been entrusted the task of designing the riverfront. City administration is going to construct few more ghats, but make them more permanent and a tourist attraction of the city.

GICC is asked to design the beautification of canals in Vijayawada in accordance with Blue-Green concept.

Meanwhile many activities are going to happened in the city for Pushkarams. Rs.8 crore is released for renovation of Tummalapalli Kalakhestram. 55 roads and other infrastructure facilities would be developed.


Vijayawada City Administration Gears up to Beautify Krishna Riverfront for Pushkarams Last Updated: 18 March 2016

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