google search trends vijayawada
Google Trends of 2015 shows that Vijayawada is most searched in Google, than the new Capital Amaravati or the near by city Guntur. City wise Google trends shows that, in Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada is most searched city, followed by Vizag and Guntur.

As Vijayawada is base of operations for all the new happenings in the state and also it is the base where all the activities of Amaravati Construction are taking place here, Vijayawada is in limelight all over. All the government functioning, CM's office and other departments are working from Vijayawada. Amaravati is searched for development, master plan, history etc.., Vijayawada, Guntur is searched for jobs and other such purposes.


"Vijayawada" is more searched than "Amaravati" "Guntur" Last Updated: 21 December 2015