pawan about Ntr 04022016

In his recent media interaction, Pawan Kalyan made a few comments that revealed a secret causing sensation. The star said Sr.NTR is one person he admires a lot among the old and first generation heroes. He even adds, NTR's popularity can't be replicated by anyone.

Unlike other stars, Pawan doesn't mind saying he don't carry the burden of Stardom and it's his way of leading a better life. Neither I'm a great actor nor a professional actor like others. I find it difficult while dancing for the songs, he admits frankly and openly without any hesitation.

Jana Sena Chief Powerstar pawan kalyan even declares himself as a great fan of his brother Chiranjeevi and Amitabh Bachchan to the next and even says every star has their own market and stardum. He even used 'Mere Angne Mein' in 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh' anthyakshari sequence. Not many knew, Pawan Kalyan adores the work of Bollywood filmmakers Anurag Kashyap, Vishal Bharadwaj and Nishikant Kamat.

Now, pawan is going to hit screens on 8th of this month with his recent movie SARDAR GABBAR SINGH

pawan to relase in huge05042016

It is known that power star pawan kalyan is about to hit screensworld wide this 8th with his upcoming movie SARDAR GABBAR SINGH. It is well know talk that the movie talk in Bezawada decides its future and its collections. Eeven though many stars had benifit shows till date no stars other than Nandamuri family hero’s had midnight shows from the past 7-9 years. Only Nandamuri Balakrishna and Jr. Ntr used to hit screens in more than 10-15 places in Vijayawada. From the past 4 years they have been hitting mid night screens around 20 places where the tickets price which be high and available from 300/- to 3000/-

Now, for the first time after a long gap Power Star has broke the record and stood beside Nandamuri Balakrishna as he was releasing his movie in a huge manner this 8th at Vijayawada. The producers of Pawan planned to hit screens at mid night covering more than 50 screens says sources. But however at end this reduces to less than 20 as police will not permit such a huge midnight benift shows due to security reasons as Vijayawada now has turned as capital of a newly formed state.

So anyhow what ever may be the count it is sure that Pawan will be beside Nandamuri Hero’s this time for releasing his movie. It is known that Pawan worked along with Nandamuri Balakrishna while campaigning for BJP and TDP.

rana eye 04042016

Last week Gemini TV has started a show of Manchu Laksmi's "Memu Saitam". Cine Hero Rana and Balakrishna’s Daughter Brahmini has participated in the show.

Rana has helped a family where a lady has no eye sight and where the livelihood is being difficult. Also Brahmini, has helped by giving free education to their children in NTR Trust Bhavan.

But here the shocking news is that, Rana has told that in his childhood his right eye is totally not visible and he used to see with only one eye. And he told that, he has got transplanted his right eye from some body and since then, he is going to see this world with two eyes. He told that everybody in this world will have some problems or the other and we have to overcome the problems and move ahead

He has shocked many by saying this and many praised Rana for telling the truth in front of public. He has inspired many by saying this.


brett lee rakul 04042016

Rakul Preet Singh has started Australian based F45 Training Fitness Gym recently in Hyderabad. This gym is a hot spot for many Celebrities and they are taking training at this Gym which is known for its innovative fitness regimen.

Former Australian Pacer Brett Lee is also a member of F45 Training Fitness Gym. This Fast Bowler who has been in India for the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup. Rakul Preet Singh has invited Brett Lee to her Gym. Not only that, both of the celebrities with few more friends have celebrated the night partying. Rakul has tweeted the same in her twitter

Rakul Preet Singh is so excited with Brett Lee’s participation. She proudly declares the Aussie Pacer has joined F45 family and her team made him sing several Hindi songs during the visit.

tarak in bezawada03042016

Will Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao famously known as jr.Ntr, the grand son of late. Ntr visit vijayawada soon? May be says the sources. It is known that yesterday Nandamuri Harikrishna visited the city to participate in opening of NTR MULTISPECIALITY VETERNARY hospital along with Nani Kodali and even created sensation as Nani is an anti-tdp leader. Now, the time has come for tarak to make something hot in city and break the channels with a news.

Tarak may visit the hospital soon and then later to a village near by city to make his elder brother Nandamuri Janakiram dream project true. It is known that Janakiram passed away a year back when he was travelling to a village nearby city on his industrial works. Janakiram, who had a dream of establishing a company has stepped towards that and lost his life when he met with an accident. So,now tarak became responsible to take up the dream project of Janakiram and make it true and provid livelihood to many workers. So to full fill these Tarak is searching all the possible ways and tp seek help of his near and far.

Will Tarak anounces his tour befor visiting or silently comes and moves away calmly remained secret.