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Vijayawada, Member of Parliament (MP) Kesineni Nani (TDP) today questioned in Parliament, regarding the supply of LPG cylinders to the customers.

How will the government ensure the cylinders are made availability to each house ? What is the mechanism of the same ? Kesineni asked.

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, in his reply, felt a little discomfort and count not answer the MP's question clearly. He said that the cylinders were supplied at the doorsteps of the customers, after they book the gas online. Any complaints can be made online. Additionally on this topic, few other MP's also have asked some questions to the minister on the same topic.

Kesineni Nani, who is the first time MP, is clearing many long delayed projects to Vijayawada. Not only this, he is also performing well in the Parliament.



Kesineni Questions in Parliament, Over LPG Gas Distribution Last Updated: 25 April 2016

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