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In the recent past, we are hearing about "Kaizala App", from Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister for better governance. Chandrababu Naidu is known for his tech savvy administration. The same has been reflected in Krishna Pushkaralu, where technology is used at its best for a smooth conduct of the fete.

Kaizala, an Android app developed by Microsoft, is also used in pushkarams and seems to show some effective results. To provide better communication between the officials in pushkar duities, 91 grousp are created and all of them are connected to this app and used this effectively for crowd management and other things. Also, as this app is having more other features, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister is impressed by this app and have decided to use this app in day to day governance also.

What is the Kaizala App:

  • This is an android based app
  • This is prepared by Microsft
  • The app provides privacy-based sub-groups which can be coordinated as per requirement.
  • Jobs can be created and assigned
  • Submission of Bills
  • Tracking Bills
  • Conducting Polls for Feedback
  • Share photo with location
  • Finding or Sharing Location
  • Online Chat
  • Share Attachments
  • And Its Free App

Naidu's Another Technology Innovative for Governance, Microsoft’s Kaizala App Last Updated: 30 August 2016

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